Inox-net is an expert in almost all areas including stainless steel ropes and nets. From consulting and structural calculations in the projects planning stage to production and installation using stainless steel rope, nets and stainless steel systems. We provide services from A to Z for customers all over the world, who want to give life to their innovative ideas and imaginations.


We provide consultancy services to architects, architectural design offices, contractors. The consulting services we provide continue from the initial idea production of any architectural design project to the administrative planning and application stage. The result of the consept (design) is tailored precisely to your needs, your innovative idea and imagination. We are always thrilled to share our ideas with you whether through phone, via email,or if you like face to face in our offices.


Our Inox-Net teams planning process includes;

Design and system development,
Planning support,
Administrative Planning,
Service catalog preparation,
Application project for ropes, nets and steel works,
Installation Planning,

INOX-NET’s engineering office designs stainless steel net and stainless steel rope application projects as custom designs. Our services are always customer focused. Also for standard applications we provide standard units. Our INOX-NET specialists are actively involved in the whole process. Beginning from the initial idea development of the production and assembly to the delivery phase of the project.

Static Calculations

If necessary, taking into account all static load probabilities, we can also perform structural static calculations for finished products.
Our static analysis services are;

System development,
Stainless steel web shaping,
The sizing of rope and net loads,
Calculation of additional loads,
Including verifiable structural static calculations.


Once the drawing of the stainless steel web are finished, it is sent to the production department and the production is accordingly and immediately started. Each net area is manufactured according to the installation concept and in addition if the edge immobilization and rope systems are desired they too can be shipped.


Self-Assembly by the customer,
Installation training,
Installation support,
Installation supervision,
Turn-key installation by INOX-NET

According to customer preference, INOX-NET stainless steel ropes and net systems can be installed on site by

our experienced installation team.

Our Products In Architecture

I-NET Stainless Steel
I-NET Stainless Steel Network
I-ROPE Stainless Steel
Wire Rope Systems
I-ROPE Stainless Steel Wire Rope Systems
I-LED Mesh
Media Façade