In modern architecture we can see that stainless steel is used in many different forms. When architectural solutions are required stainless steel webs and ropes are the most suitable architectural building materials, as they are both durable, long-lasting, light and thin-lined. There is almost nothing that cannot be done with stainless steel ropes when connection parts auxiliary parts and the guidelines are used.

Our Company

Steel ropes and stainless steel nets provides suitable solutions for all types of architectural usages.

INOX-NET provides its services and its solutions in many architectural buildings ranging from greenery building, LED system substructure, zoos, helicopter runway safety nets, bridges, viaducts, hotels, shopping centers, military grounds, ships, boats and stadium projects.

Our Goals

As INOX-NET we have recently began to show new services in Turkey however our factory and office goals are;

Our goals as a company and INOX-NET is to introduce our products within Turkey and the world. To provide our services putting our product quality in the forefront and of course ensuring customer satisfaction.
Being the preferred company due to its professional management, which adopts absolute quality both at home and abroad,
Being the first choice company to create and work in an environment where employees are happily working as a member of the INOX-NET family.
To display our quality all over the world, to increase our prestige and to explore our core competencies and competitiveness while competing,
To continuously improve our research and development activities for economic, quality and innovative product design.
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Our Products In Architecture

Stainless Steel Net Systems
I-NET Stainless Steel Network
Stainless Steel Wire Rope Systems
I-ROPE Stainless Steel Wire Rope Systems
I-LED Mesh
Media Façade Systems